Chevalier Pinky Ring Reference ANG125BW


Those who love pinky rings very often have a spirited, lively, brilliant personality with a certain degree of vanity, autonomy and eccentricity. Those who choose a pinky ring are usually a person who loves jewelry, has a certain culture and has different and tasteful ones.

The chevalier was used as a sign of recognition of the family to which it belonged. Precisely for this reason the main feature of this ring is to have a flat top on which the family coat of arms or seal was historically engraved – or carved out.

Here we present it in the classic form in rose gold, but all set with brilliant brawns that make it luminous and precious.

18kt gold weight: 7.10 grams

Weight of brown diamonds: 325 ct

Being a jewel handmade in our laboratories, the weights may undergo very small variations. All the characteristics will be indicated in the certificate of ownership that accompanies the jewel.

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