Love cannot be commanded, it is the gift of one heart to another heart. The ring is, at the same time, commitment and promise.secret and showcase.

Ruby is the noblest monocrystalline variety of aluminum oxide (Al2O3), a highly allochromatic mineral known as corundum. It has a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale. It has a bright red color, due to chrome inclusions, but it can take on various shades of this color, the most vivid is called “pigeon blood”.

18 kt rose gold ring with white diamonds and heart cut natural ruby.

Gold weight: 8.5 grams

Ruby weight: 85ct

Diamond weight: 230ct

Color: F

Purity: VS

Being a handcrafted jewel, the weights could undergo very small variations. All the characteristics will be indicated in the certificate of ownership that accompanies the jewel.



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