All watches sold, unless otherwise specified, are new from the factory and have a 2 year international manufacturer’s warranty. All our jewels are made of gold, silver and precious stones with processing methods that comply with current Italian and international regulations.

The jewels are guaranteed for 24 months against manufacturing defects ascertained by our laboratory. Together with the purchased product, you will receive a certificate stating: the title and weight of the precious metal with which it is made; the weight and quality of all precious stones, in particular if you buy a jewel with brilliants, you will find on its certificate the 4C (color, weight, purity and cut) clearly indicated, i.e. those fundamental characteristics that the G.I.A. (Gemmological Institute of America) recommends identifying to establish the value of diamonds. Defects deriving from accidents (impact or crushing), improper use and unauthorized repairs are excluded from the warranty.

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