About Us

The tradition of the Gentile family was born in the beating heart of Naples at the beginning of the 20th century, from the meeting between Armando Gentile, an updated goldsmith craftsman, and Anna, daughter of Pasquale Conte, jeweler .

The two, sons of art, fall in love then marry and together, with passion and competence, they become a point of reference for the city.

The taste for handcrafted jewels and for fine watches, called fashion, and the shop windows of via Toledo attract, customers generation after generation, selected customers.

Transport and excitement continued to pass on and did not stop.

The DNA of the shop in Gentile via Toledo , in Naples, is mixed with the style of the style of Positano, the pearl of the Amalfi coast.

Here, in one of the most characteristic streets of the renowned tourist resort, the Gentile Positano has opened a new office a few steps from the sea.

Since 2011, therefore, the family challenge has doubled

Francesco and Stefania, the owners of the boutiques, together also in life, have continued in the mission that has always accompanied the Gentile family: to embellish the lives of their customers, suggesting refined jewels and watches forged to who wears them, reinforcing their identity if possible.

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